At home all over the world with scoopOS#EDITO!

Structure and optimise any process related to text and language whether creation, translation, SEO/REI optimisation or distribution. The central scoopOS#EDITO platform enables different business units, partners and service providers to work together in a network.

Achieve optimal text up-to-dateness and quality for your company in all channels and countries!

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Your customised product information management for optimised and efficient data handling.

Product data receives structure, validation and qualification in line with the communication strategy and specification of the various channels. Whether print or online, retail or mobile, catalogue or Twitter, scoopOS#PIM provides the appropriate data and assets for every medium and every channel, always up-to-date and in the best quality. 

Make expansion into new channels, markets or countries a snap!

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The public relations manager for professional presentations –
Creating and distributing PR campaigns made easy.

Editors and multipliers have access to an online “PR-Lounge” with individual download area, campaigns and PR messages. This enables easy and professional creation and provision of PR campaigns. An optimised search function filters and selects specific current product data for editors. 

Push professional and rule-based news, favourites and product launches!

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The management tool for managing, editing, distribution and archiving all media assets.

Retrieve the latest versions of all assets such as video, PDFs, photos, InDesign or Office documents at any time with scoopOS#MAM. Create, edit and coordinate campaigns with other departments and service providers.

Make your daily work easier with automated format adjustments of the assets to the target channels!

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