What is #MAM

The intelligent Media Asset Management for transparent, structured, up-to-date and accessible management of data, documents and assets.

Optimisation and speeding-up of your advertising media production process: more consistency, up-to-dateness, and quality of media assets in all channels and markets.


Create, edit and coordinate campaigns with other departments and service providers by assigning roles and rights. Everyone is always up to date. Reduce correction runs and approval processes and shorten campaign implementation times.

Customer Story – scoopOS#MAM

Convincing advantages!

Overview & orderly structure for all digital assets/strong>

Thanks to a practical folder structure, manage and edit all assets in one central location.

Up-to-dateness & quality of the data by documentation of all revisions

Image data, campaigns or videos – the latest version and all other versions are always discernible.

Consistency in all channels & markets

Automatic generation of the required formats guarantees best data delivery to the various channels.

Control by assignment of rights and roles

More transparency, reliability and commitment in cooperation with partners such as photographers and agencies. Gives you clear, individual control over processes, campaigns and releases.