What is #PIM

scoopOS#PIM uses the increasing complexity of product data and makes it your success factor in multi-channel retailing.

scoopOS#PIM structures, validates and qualifies product data. Whether print or online, retail or mobile, catalogue or Twitter, scoopOS#PIM provides the appropriate data and assets for every medium and every channel, always up-to-date and in the best quality.

This allows for quick and easy exploitation of expansion potential and easy integration of new touchpoints. With little administrative effort, the required specifications (language variants, format specifications, interfaces, etc.) can be extended or multiplied.

Customer Story – scoopOS#PIM

All advantages at a glance ...

Promptness & speed through optimised processes

Create, integrate, user-defined manage and distribute data anytime, anywhere. Queues enable simple and intelligent control of mass processing.

Control & management of all activities

Automated generation of reports, statistics or dashboards according to your individual needs and requirements.

Visualisation of complex data & processes

Clear and user-friendly visualisation of data, processes, users, roles, rights and much more.

Quality & up-to-dateness by intelligent validation & resporting

Excellent data quality thanks to systematic error detection, automated correction runs and excellent enhancement. Touchpoints at their Customer Journey can provide customers with relevant and qualified data.