What is #PR

The Public Relations Manager for fast and professional provision and distribution of PR material.

Representation both online and offline in the colourful press world, in the growing social media channels and among the most popular influencers is the key to a successful market position. scoopOS#PR is the perfect partner.

Central coordination via scoopOS#PR guarantees a consistent presence for companies, brands or product worlds on all channels and markets. Editors and multipliers have access to an online “PR-Lounge” with individual download area, campaigns and PR messages.

scoopOS#PR is very convincing with its uncomplicated, easy handling and the enhanced quality, which is very well received not only by editors but also by customers.

Customer Story – scoopOS#PR

It's worth it ...

Speedy distribution of PR campaigns by sending download links

Integrate the links in newsletters and select a distribution system.

Up-to-dateness & quality of PR campaigns

Deactivate campaigns or control them over defined periods of time with a simple click.

Target-group-specific PR campaigns by rule-based use of existing PR material

Targeted pushing of news, favourites & product launches as a stimulus for your multipliers

Control access and downloads

Analysis of campaigns, user activities and profiles.